Located in Tryon, N. C. .

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Michaila Cowles, Executive Chef / Owner

James Camillo, Restaurant Consultant

"Chef Jim: A fellow JWU Alumni, who has been the greatest mentor and teacher that I could have ever asked for! Without his dedication, utmost patience, and caring and nurturing demeanor, I would not be where I am today. HE IS MY TRUE HUCKLEBERRY!!!" (Huckleberry: The right person for the right job, coined phrase from Doc. Holiday)

-Michaila Cowles

James Camillo: Consultant

Camillo is a 1987 graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.

Food has been an important part of his life for over 40 years and was fortunate enough to be part of the American evolution of food. He has worked with seafood from both coasts, game from Texas and other parts of the country, and some of the best beef, pork and lamb that can be had. He also has first hand knowledge of the cuisine of both the North and the South, and enjoys cooking the foods of other cultures of the world.

He hopes to be able to bring pleasure to everyone who walks through the doors of this establishment.